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B. Gerald Cantor Foundation B. Thomas Golisano Foundation Ballets Russes
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Bank of America Foundation Barack Obama Foundation
Barack Obama Presidential Library Barbara Lee Family Foundation Barbra Streisand Foundation
Bard High School Early College Barlovento Foundation Barnes Foundation
Baron & Blue Foundation Barr Foundation Barrack Foundation
BASIC Fund Battery Conservancy Bauman Foundation
Bay Area Economic Forum Bayou La Batre Rural Health Clinic Baytree Fund
Be the Change Beagle Foundation Beall Family Foundation
Beatrice Snyder Foundation Beaumont Foundation of America BeCause Foundation
Becket Fund Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation Beldon Fund
Bellwether Education Belo Foundation Ben and Jerry's Foundation
Benedict-Forstmann Silver Lining Ranch Bengier Foundation Benjamin Rush Foundation
Benton Foundation Berlin Family Fund Bernard and Irene Schwartz Foundation
Bernard Osher Foundation Berry Gordy Family Foundation Best Buddies International
Bet Lev Foundation Bethel Woods Center for the Arts Bettencourt Schueller Foundation
Better Education for New Jersey Kids Better World Fund Bezos Family Foundation
Biden Breast Health Initiative Big Apple Circus Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
Big Shoulders Fund Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates Library Foundation Bill of Rights Institute
Birthright Israel Foundation Bitcoin Foundation Biz and Livia Stone Foundation
B.J. Stupak Memorial Fund Black Alliance for Educational Options Blackstone Charitable Foundation
Blanche & Julian Robertson Family Foundation Blankemeyer Foundation Bloomberg Family Foundation
Bloomberg Philanthropies Blue Star Families BlueGreen Alliance
Blum Family Foundation Blum-Kovler Foundation Bobolink Foundation
Bochnowski Family Foundation Boggy Creek Gang Camp Bohen Foundation
Bond Foundation Boone & Crockett Club Boone Foundation
Booth Heritage Foundation Born This Way Foundation Boscobel House & Gardens
Bosnian National Museum Boston Foundation Boston Opera Association
Boston Public Library Boston Symphony Orchestra Boswell Family Foundation
Botwinick-Wolfensohn Foundation Bouncer Foundation Boy Scouts of America
Boys and Girls Clubs of America Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston Boys & Girls Harbor
Boys Town Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
Brain Research Foundation Brain Trauma Foundation Brandenburg Life Foundation
Brandywine Conservancy Brave New Foundation Bread for the World
Break the Cycle Breakthrough Energy Coalition Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Brenn Foundation Brico Fund BRIDGE Housing
Bridges Institute Bridges of Understanding Bridgespan Group
Bridgeway Foundation Bridging the Innovation Divide Bright Future International
Bring Change 2 Mind Brink Foundation British Museum
Broad Foundations Brooklyn Academy of Music Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation
Brooklyn Museum Brooklyn Public Library Brown Foundation
Brownell Family Foundation Bryant Park Corporation Bryce Harlow Foundation
Buffett Early Childhood Fund Buffett Foundation Building America's Future Educational Fund
Building Educated Leaders for Life Building Excellent Schools Building Hope
Bullitt Foundation Burden Foundation Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund
B.W. Bastian Foundation Byerly Foundation Byrne Foundation
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Nonprofit listings:
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