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Face AIDS Fair Labor Association Fair Share
Fair Use Project Faith and Duty Coalition Faith Center for Community Development, Inc.
Faith & Politics Institute Families for Excellent Schools Families of Flight 93
Families USA Foundation Family Independence Initiative Family Research Council
Farm Aid Farrell Family Foundation Father's Day/Mother's Day Council
Federation for Community Schools Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS FEED Foundation
Feed the Children Feeding America Felix and Elizabeth Rohatyn Foundation
Feminist Majority Foundation Feminists for Life Fernandez Foundation
Ferraro Family Foundation FHI 360 FIA Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fidelity, Freedom Truth and Justice Fund Field Foundation of Illinois
Field Museum Fields Family Foundation Fight For Children
Fight For Children, Inc. Film Foundation Film Society of Lincoln Center
FilmAid International Financial Services Volunteer Corps Financial Stability Institute
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Fiorina Foundation Firedoll Foundation
Firelight Media Firmenich Charitable Foundation FIRST
First Plymouth Foundation Fisher Brothers Foundation Fisher Center For Alzheimer's Research Foundation
Fisher House Foundation Fitzie Foundation Fledgling Fund
Fleetwood Foundation Flight 93 National Memorial Campaign Florida International Museum
Florida Philharmonic Florida School Choice Fund F.M. Kirby Foundation
Focus:HOPE Foundation Folger Shakespeare Library Follieri Foundation
Food Allergy Research & Education Food Bank for New York City Ford Foundation
Foreign Policy Initiative Found Animals Foundation Foundation Center
Foundation Fighting Blindness Foundation for a Better Life Foundation for a Civil Society
Foundation for a Greater Opportunity Foundation for AIDS Research Foundation for American Renewal
Foundation for Constitutional Government Foundation for Cultural Review Foundation for Deep Ecology
Foundation for Defense of Democracies Foundation for Economic Education Foundation for Education Reform
Foundation for Excellence Foundation for Excellence in Education Foundation for Florida's Future
Foundation for Government Accountability Foundation for Italian Art & Culture Foundation for Jewish Culture
Foundation for Middle East Peace Foundation for National Progress Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis
Foundation for the Future Foundation for the Mid South Foundation for the National Archives
Foundation to Promote Open Society Founders Hall Foundation Founding Fund
Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery Frank Islam & Debbie Driesman Foundation Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity
Fred C. & Mary R. Koch Foundation Fred Foundation Freddie Mac Foundation
Free Enterprise America Free Enterprise Fund Freedom Club
Freedom Forum Freedom Foundation Freedom of the Press Foundation
Freedom to Marry French-American Foundation French Institute Alliance Francaise
Fresh Air Fund Frey Foundation Frick Collection
Friedkin Conservation Fund Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice Friend Family Foundation
Friends of Acadia Friends of Choice in Urban Schools Friends of Fondation de France
Friends of Heritage Preservation Friends of Saudi Arabia Friends of the High Line
Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Friends of the National Zoo Fritz Institute
Frontier Foundation Fuel Freedom Foundation Fullerton Family Foundation
Fund for American Studies Fund for Corporate Initiatives Fund for Hoosier Excellence
Fund for Public Schools Fund for the City of New York Fundacion Azteca America
Fundacion Telmex Furth Family Foundation Fuserna Foundation
Future of American Democracy Foundation Future of Freedom Foundation  
Nonprofit listings:
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