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1993 Presidential Inaugural Committee 2000 Bush Cheney Florida recount team 2000 Democratic National Convention Committee
2004 Democratic National Convention Committee 2006 Friends of Even Bayh 2006 Win Back the House
2008 Barack Obama VP search team 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee 2008 Republican National Convention host committee
2008 Republican Platform Committee 2009 Barack Obama inaugural committee 2013 Barack Obama inaugural committee
2014 Sean Eldridge congressional campaign 2017 Trump inaugural committee 21st Century Democrats
45Committee 60 Plus Association ACORN Political Action Committee
ActBlue ActRight
AIPAC Alabama Democratic Party Alabama Republican Party
Alaskan Independence Party Albany Democratic Women's Club All Risk No Reward Coalition
Alliance for a New America Alliance for a Strong America Alliance for American Leadership
Alliance for Excellent Education Alliance for Freedom Alliance for Health Reform
Alliance for Worker Freedom America Coming Together America First
America First Committee America First Policies America Gains
America Votes American Bridge 21st Century American Cause
American Center for Law and Justice American Civil Rights Union American Commitment
American Conservative Union American Crossroads American Encore
American Energy Alliance American Federation for Children Action Fund American Freedom Campaign
American Friends of Bilderberg American Future Fund American Grassroots Coalition
American Institute for Full Employment American International Center American Issues Project
American Leadership Project American Legacy Alliance American Legislative Exchange Council
American Liberty PAC American Majority American Majority Action
American Security Action Fund American Society of Competitiveness American Solutions for Winning the Future
American Unity PAC American Values Americans Abroad for Obama
Americans Elect Americans for A Conservative Direction Americans for a Republican Majority
Americans for Democratic Action Americans for Fair Taxation Americans for Financial Reform
Americans for Job Security Americans for Legal Immigration PAC Americans for Limited Government
Americans for Prosperity Americans for Responsible Solutions Americans for Tax Reform
Americans for Truth in Politics Americans United for Change America's Independent Party
Americas Majority America's Opportunity Fund Americas PAC
AmeriPAC: The Fund for a Greater America Annie's List Arizona Democratic Party
Arizona Republican Party Arkansas Democratic Party Artists Help All Blacks
Atlantic Partnership    
Political organization listings:
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