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California Democratic Party California Future Fund California Republican Party
Californians Against Eliminating Basic Rights, No on Prop. 8 Californians for Schwarzenegger Campaign for America's Future
Campaign for Liberty Campaign for New Priorities Campaign for One New York
Campaign for Primary Accountability Campaign for Working Families Carr Center for Human Rights Policy
Catholic advisory committee to 2008 Obama campaign Catholics for McCain National Steering Committee Center for American Common Culture
Center for American Freedom Center for American Progress Action Fund Center for Competitive Politics
Center for Fiscal Accountability Center for Immigration Studies Center for Progressive Leadership
Center for Reproductive Rights Center for U.S. Global Leadership Center to Protect Patient Rights
Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative Christian Coalition of America Citizens Against Government Waste
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Citizens for a Free Kuwait Citizens for a Sound Economy
Citizens for a Working America Citizens for America Citizens for McCain
Citizens for PERS Reform Citizens for Self-Governance Citizens for the Republic
Citizens United Civil Liberties List Civility Project
Civitas Action ClearPath Action Clinton Presidential Inaugural Committee
Club for Growth Club for Growth Action Coalition for a Conservative Majority
Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates Coalition for School Reform College Republican National Committee
Colorado Republican Party Columbia College Democrats Commission on Presidential Debates
Commitment to Outstanding Leadership and Direction PAC Committee for Economic Development Committee for the Free World
Committee for the Liberation of Iraq Committee for the Re-Election of the President Committee to Save New York
Committee to Save Property Rights Common Sense Issues Coalition Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Concerned Women for America Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee Concord Coalition
Congress of Racial Equality Congressional Black Caucus Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Congressional Leadership Fund Congressional Prayer Group
Congressional Progressive Caucus Conservation Campaign Conservative Action Fund
Conservative Agenda Project Conservative Majority Fund Conservative Party (UK)
Conservative Political Action Conference Conservative Renewal Conservative Solutions PAC
Conservative StrikeForce Conservative Victory Committee Conservative Victory Fund
Conservative Victory Project Conservatives for Patients' Rights
Constitution Party Correct the Record Council for America
Council for American Job Growth Council for National Policy Council for the National Interest
Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy Courage Campaign Crafted with Pride in the U.S.A. Council, Inc.
Crossroads GPS CSE FreedomWorks  
Political organization listings:
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